Our brand pillars are how we set ourselves apart from similar competitors. J Squared Communications was founded on matching businesses with necessary resources and providing goal-oriented solutions. Our core values are at the heart of who we are and why we succeed. As we continue to grow in the digital marketing world, these brand pillars remind us to stay true to our original intentions. 

In this post, we’ll identify and define our nine brand pillars. 


Businesses succeed by fostering an exchange of information and ideas. J Squared Communications is no exception. As a digital marketing and creative agency, we thrive on clear, consistent communication. From content creation, and copywriting, to SEO, we specialize in developing and delivering the most effective communication strategies to showcase brands.   

At J Squared, communication is at the core of our business model. Generating new ideas and cutting-edge innovation starts with a brainstorming process. Our work environment stems from an open dialogue between individual team members to outline and execute organizational goals. In addition, we engage our clientele by listening and speaking to their needs.

We write, revise, and refine our words. We speak, rethink, and redefine our thoughts. Communication is central to navigating the marketing sphere, but we excel by perfecting those written and spoken channels. Through sharing and receiving up-to-date information, together, we can tackle any problem that may present itself. 


Business stability is never guaranteed, which is why we keep on the cutting edge and move with agility. Here at J Squared, we cannot dictate future market changes, but we can decide how to respond. As important as it is to plan, it proves equally as valuable to adjust and adapt at a moment’s notice. Because trends in digital marketing are constantly evolving, we strive to advance groundbreaking solutions. 

Our clients trust us to implement successful strategies that respond to the complexities of their customer and market needs. Over time, these goals may shift. We are here to facilitate in designing a vision that moves with the times and target audience. It is necessary to identify outdated practices, modernize tried and true methods, and integrate brand new systems. By embracing innovation, we guarantee our clients will outpace competition while becoming a more resilient organization. 


Every other pillar on this list can be improved upon or learned. However, honesty and morality are core characteristics intrinsic to the nature of J Squared. We lead with integrity in all our actions. Our behavior builds a strong foundation of trust between our employees, partners, and clients. 

We uphold our ethical standards and practices regardless of what challenges we face. There is no excuse for cutting corners, lacking respect, or other shady procedures. However, our principles foster safe and secure company culture and permeate all of our external relationships. We believe our business longevity is contingent on honoring these codes of conduct.  

Many other companies place profit maximization as their only guiding principle, but at J Squared Communication, we recognize people and communities are priceless. Not only do we seek to uplift vulnerable businesses and brands, but we also encourage growth and support those who share our common values. 


Embedded in our practices at J Squared Communications are clear and honest outlines. We recognize how valuable our client’s time and resources are, which is why we believe in transparency in all our working relationships. The priorities of our clientele guide our decision-making strategies. We work closely with our business partners and contractors to deliver on our promises. We fully disclose our practices and lay our action plans out in detail, guaranteeing a final product or service that all parties can be proud of. 

Part of our commitment to full transparency includes the integration of our staff. The well-being of our employees is critical to a functioning and thriving workplace environment. We regularly update team members on training techniques and company policies. We promote openness at all levels of employment to make sure everyone is on the same page. Clarity and creativity are cultivated when opinions and ideas can be freely expressed without fear of judgment. This process is always ongoing but ultimately leads to trust and better communication. 


Attitudes are infectious. Those around you are influenced by your thoughts, feelings, and demeanor. Although it is unreasonable to expect constant happiness from yourself and others, it is necessary to pursue a positive work environment. Approaching tasks and teamwork in an upbeat and cooperative manner allows for the best possible outcome in all scenarios. For these reasons and more, we do everything with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. 

Employees who are viewed as enthusiastic are more likely to treat clients respectfully, work productively, and resolve conflict effectively. Showing a constructive attitude means taking an interest in your work, coming to meetings and events on time, and having a willingness to listen, learn, and try new things. By putting our best foot forward, we attract like-minded team members and clientele. 

If an obstacle arises that you cannot overcome on your own, it is important to address management to find the best way to proceed.


Providing our clients with a variety of top-notch solutions to all of their concerns is fundamental at J Squared Communications. We are deeply passionate about service. Our content, business, and public relations services cover every aspect of digital marketing and communications that brands may need. Since we offer a wide range of written and analytical assistance, our skills and expertise must stay sharpened. 

We acquire and retain customers because they believe in what we do. They walk away with increased engagement that comes with years of experience in the industry. Our services are guaranteed to produce accurate and targeted results that raise awareness, extend reach, and impact conversions. With a client satisfaction rate of 99.95%, we set ourselves apart from other competitors. 

We succeed at what we do because we aim to help others succeed. Our client’s priorities are our priorities, and we solve every task with a deep understanding of insider tips, tricks, and tools. 


A business’s success is usually measured in how well it can tackle challenges. Even if you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, you’re sure to face the unexpected. In that situation, the resources for a quick fix is not always readily available or easy to locate. Those extenuating circumstances often come at the detriment to progress and advancement. Clients come to us for solutions when they find themselves sidelined. Our unique strategies are all about adapting to the crisis at hand and discovering that missing puzzle piece.  

We pride ourselves on resourcefulness and our ability to always find an answer. Our ingenuity to design quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties is at the center of what we do. We innovate and create opportunities to grow for our clients. We think outside the box and use inventive and original ideas. At J Squared Communications, no problem is too big to solve.


Some team members at J Squared Communications work better independently; others prefer participating in a group setting. But we all come together in the workplace to problem-solve. We work in collaboration. After all, even the most successful self-made entrepreneur did not achieve those feats without any influence of outside partnerships. 

A group of people working in collaboration towards a common goal will reach success faster than they will individually. One team member may be best at design; another may be better suited for marketing; a third may excel at communication. We utilize each employee’s strengths and leverage their talents to work as a unit. We make smarter decisions by efficiently delegating tasks and doing our part to sketch out one section of the bigger picture. 

We also work alongside our clients to share knowledge, set goals, and welcome feedback. Their satisfaction shapes our progress and should be at the forefront of every strategy. 


Lastly, we believe in the power of professional development and growth. Business longevity is crucial to sustaining changing market conditions and ensuring long-term survival. Expansion is one aspect of evolution, but there are a multitude of ways companies progress. Growth can be measured in revenue, sales, values, customer loyalty and retention, and number of employees.

In the future, our goals and priorities may shift to better cater to our clients or attract new ones. J Squared team members should be aligned with these efforts and are encouraged to spearhead new endeavors. Having a growth-focused mindset opens up exciting opportunities for us to set our sites on. We are constantly striving to strengthen our existing skills while seeking out fresh focus areas to broaden our capabilities. 

Identifying our brand pillars outlined our company’s characteristics and goals. We attract and relate to our clientele through these nine commitments. Regardless of person or platform, we hope to sew these sentiments into every interaction and connection we make. 

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