With nearly 690 million monthly active users and over 2 billion downloads worldwide, TikTok has quickly become the latest social media sensation. TikTok has made its way through to the top 5 social media platforms alongside Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Over half of TikTok’s active users are between the ages of 16 and 24, an age group known as Generation Z. While 26% of active users are between the ages of 25 and 44, half of the group being Millennials.

No matter the age, TikTok does not discriminate. This vibrant platform is fit for anyone with its entertaining videos. The amount of content to explore is endless; from comedy to education, everyone has a place.

You may be most familiar with its famous TikTok dance videos. These TikTok dances consist of mini choreographies accompanied by a specific snippet of a song or sound. Even though TikTok has gained the most popularity through these dance videos, it is not the only thing TikTok is about. 

TikTok is a multipurpose platform where you can get creative using videos to express, promote or showcase your skills and much more. So no, you do not need to be an expert dancer to join TikTok; you’ve just gotta put yourself and your skills out there! 

With so many videos uploaded onto TikTok daily, how in the world will your video be seen?

Do not panic this is slightly easier than other social media platforms. All you’ve got to do is get creative and, most importantly, stay on trend—TikTok will take care of the rest. 

So how do you stay on trend, you ask? We’ll let you in on a bit of a secret… Here are 5 ways to create trending content for TikTok. 

1—Become a TikTok User

The first step to creating on trend content is to explore, observe, learn and experience the latest trends yourself. The best way to do this is by using TikTok itself.

This is where work gets fun, so take the time to explore the quirky platform in all of its glory. 

*Insert TikTok break here 🤳*

Now stop scrolling! I know it may be hard to stop since TikTok is borderline addictive, but let’s get back to business. 

We highly suggest you experience TikTok hands-on. This way, you familiarize yourself with the platform’s inner workings while gaining ideas of what you can create yourself. Taking the time to become a user is beneficial. During this time, you will: learn about the latest trends, the platform itself, how to use it and how you can better utilize it to your advantage. 

After looking at all those TikTok videos, you may have noticed some similarities between them, such as similar video transitions, audios, dance moves and more. Those are most likely trends going around in which people take on the challenge and do themselves. 

These trends are the type of things you want to keep an eye out for since they will help you identify the latest trends.

Now that you are a TikTok user, you will be more exposed to the latest trends, which will help you create trending TikTok content for your page.

If you are already a regular TikTok user, then you are one step closer to success. But first, we suggest you strengthen your TikTok video-making skills. One way to do this is to expand your video transition skills to help you create funner, creative and unique videos. 

2—Know Your Audience  

When creating new content, it is easy to be all over the place and lose the direction of your goals. Creating nonsense content to try and catch everyone’s attention is unlikely to succeed. Instead, we recommend you narrow down the kind of people you are trying to reach. Whether you are in the health, comedy or fashion industry, identifying your industry can help define your specific audience. 

One of the best ways to begin identifying your audience is to ask yourself, who are you talking to? What is your target industry? Asking yourself these questions will help guide you into narrowing down and defining your target market.

Knowing your audience will help you better steer the direction of your content and create a more consistent feed. This consistency will help define your tone and overall image of your TikTok persona. 

Content creation becomes easier when you know who your target audience is; since all you’ve got to do is create content you know they’ll like or content they want to see. Another way to see what TikTok content is trending for your audience is to look at fellow industry competitors’ content (and see what has been working for them).

Once you establish your audience and your type of content, you’ll be well on your way to creating valuable, trending content for TikTok. 

3—Join the Trends 

The best way to stay on trend is by using and participating in the latest trends themselves. Besides scrolling through TikTok, there is an easier and faster way to look up the latest TikTok trends.

On the bottom left side of the TikTok home screen, you’ll find a magnifying glass icon 🔍 that takes you to the discover page. You can easily find the latest TikTok trends on this page, like trending videos, audios, and hashtags.

We highly encourage you to jump in and join the TikTok trends, as this will help you boost your views and reach potential followers. 

The most common trends come in the form of audios, hashtags or creative video techniques. Here is how you can successfully create trending content for TikTok using these three methods: 


When scrolling through the latest trends, I’m sure you’ve noticed the popularity of audios. Audios are a staple to TikTok videos, especially the most trendy ones. TikTok audios range from song snippets, sounds from T.V. shows, movies, etc. Typically these audios are followed by a specific dance trend, but that is not always the case. 

Some audios are specifically for lip-syncing, hand gestures and more. So the good news is, you do not need to learn the TikTok famous renegade dance or other choreographies to use the audio. 

You can use the audio freely, just get creative and add your own twist. 

For example, you can use the trending audio to do a workout if you are a fitness page or model clothes to the audio’s beat if you are a fashion page.

Also, don’t be afraid to reuse an audio as long as it is still trending. The more on trend TikTok content you have, the more likely you are to be seen and potentially go viral. 

So take advantage of the trend. 😎


Using trending hashtags for TikTok is extremely effective for increasing your reach and visibility. In other words, hashtags will help you find more of your target audience and increase your TikTok views. This is why it is important to include hashtags in all of your TikTok posts. 

We suggest you select trending hashtags from the discover page that best fit the tone of your page or hashtags that may be of interest to your audience. 

You can also use trending TikTok hashtags to locate other pages in your same industry. These pages can help you see what is trending for them specifically, which may work for you as well. 

Looking at your competitor’s TikTok page will also give you an idea of what trends you should be doing since you target the same or similar audience.

Video Techniques 

There are many ways you can create trending content on TikTok. One of the most common ways (also the trendiest) is video transitions. There are many different video transition trends that you can join in on and use in your TikTok videos.

 For example, a current trending video transition is the ‘Oh no, I hope I don’t fall trend. This trend uses a specific audio followed by a series of outfit changes. 

The trend is about modeling different clothing outfits. In this trend, the TikTok-er throws an outfit on the floor and appears to be wearing it in the next scene. The entertaining part about this trend is that the TikToker appears to be rising from the floor as if they were thrown onto the ground with the outfit.

It may be hard to picture with this description, so you should see it for yourself. Look up the audio, ‘Oh no, I hope I don’t fall on the discover page on TikTok or click here to see a compilation of them. 

Not only are video transitions fun, they are also very trendy. They will definitely give you a better shot at visibility and also extend your reach.

4—Don’t be shy 

Lastly, don’t forget the mother of all trends—showing your face. Social media users love a page where they show their face in their content rather than being a voice.

Showing your face on your TikTok (or any other social media platform) makes your page more desirable, relatable, and human. Especially if you are a business entity, people love to put a face to the business to better connect and relate to.

The benefits of showing your face include an increase in loyal followers, more engagement, and a better connection for your audience to form

So join the trend, don’t be shy, show yourself and more followers will come to you. 

The possibilities are endless on TikTok and there are so many ways to get creative and stay on trend. Remember to take advantage, get creative and use the latest trends to remain trending on TikTok.

Once you find your rhythm, you will be well on your way to becoming the next TikTok sensation. 😉🤞

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