Jessica is an outstanding, caring individual. I had the great pleasure of working with her for several years and she taught me a lot. She believes in her work and in the people she works with. She constantly helps others, but also gets the job done. Her skills are in marketing and I would recommend her in a leadership role in any industry.
Luyanda S.

Marketing Manager, ShopLately

Jessica is a true joy to work with. Her dedication and passion for her work shows through every task she completes, however large or small. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and her quality of work has always been top notch.

Her biggest strength though is her compassion and dedication to helping people. She always makes herself available to help others and doesn’t hesitate to stay late, work extra hours or do favors for others. She is always willing to go the extra mile and she is an asset to any organization.

Diane L.

e-Commerce Manager, Sexy Hair

Jessica is a dynamic combination of professionalism and positive energy. She can multitask and perform at a very high level, and has a smile on her face the entire time. Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge to everything she does, and she is extremely resourceful and effective at utilizing her own skills and her network to find the best solutions for all involved. If you want a ray of sunshine with ambition and a proven track record of success on your team… then you want Jessica!

Melinda G.

Talent Acquisition, The Walt Disney Company

Jessica is a brilliant marketing presenter with many years of experience. She has successfully managed multiple departments and thousands of affiliates in the beauty space. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work and her energy is infectious.

Jessica makes learning fun and easy to remember. She always has a creative, positive outlook and is great at organizing and bringing people together. Her presentation style is open and inviting to questions, thorough and engaging.

Sandeep S.

Web Application Developer, SimpleHuman

Jessica is articulate, intelligent and a great communicator, connector and multitasker. She has the energy of 10 people, and emanates an infectious positive attitude and joie de vivre. If I were looking for a career coach, PR person or friend, she’d be at the TOP of my list.

Terry B.

Interactive Media Developer, MediaBench

Working with Jessica has been the highlight of my career. She has helped me dramatically improve my writing and research abilities. Jessica truly cares about her clients and is so understanding of those with different needs. I’m grateful she’s come into my life, and I look forward to our continued friendship and work together.

Michelle C.

Writer, Independent

Jessica is an outstanding and caring individual who wants to help people flourish, and will see to it that you become the best you can be. I worked with Jessica on a fashion and beauty magazine using WordPress as a publishing platform. She is a wonderful leader and an expert writing coach. I am so glad to have had an opportunity to work with her, and to have been under her wing as a content contributor–which also helped grow my blog. I look forward to our next big project!

Michelle L.

Writer, HalfStack Magazine

Jessica really helped me improve as I worked toward my academic goals while in college. She is honest, hardworking and ready to assist at all times. She also gave me great advice and ideas that have helped me make the right decisions about my future career in fashion marketing. I really appreciate everything she has done and would readily recommend her as a career coach.

Chinye're B.

Writer, Independent

Jessica has helped me in my career endeavors since 2011. She has a way of working with you in the sense that she makes you feel like you are her top priority. Her personable ways make you more compelled to talk to her about anything and everything, not even just about projects, but about life in general. The advice she has given me is still something I live with to this very day. I can truly say that Jessica has contributed to my career success.

Stephanie P.

Executive Assistant, Majestic Asset Management

Jessica was an amazing career coach for our college students. She was dedicated to doing all she could to help them develop professionally. She is a hardworking expert and an amazing asset. She developed strong relationships and was always ready to take on any challenge. Working with Jessica was a true pleasure and I know many of our students are where they are now in large part due to her commitment.

Sarah S.

Academic Coordinator, New York Film Academy

I have had the honor of working with Jessica on multiple occasions and she is an absolute delight. What I admire most about Jessica is that she deeply cares about her clients and their success. She has supported and helped me advance in my photography career for which I am truly grateful. I believe that any person who gets the opportunity to work with Jessica will quickly realize how phenomenal she is as a career coach.

Sarah N.

Photographer, Independent

Jessica is on top of everything when it comes to her clients and their goals. She is very professional, yet friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand no matter how much work she already has on her plate. She is extremely reliable, customer service driven and solution oriented. Jessica has been instrumental in helping me realize my potential.

Anthony M.

UX Designer/Developer, Independent

Jessica is awesome. She made sure I was ready to jump right into my career after college. She was never too busy to answer my questions or help me problem solve. I know for a fact I wouldn’t feel as prepared as I do now without Jessica’s help.

Peter D.

Graphic Designer, Independent

Jessica is a highly motivated professional who expertly manages many projects. She helped me secure an internship while in college and provided excellent career advice. She is always easy to reach and responds to emails and messages in a timely manner. More than that, Jessica is very passionate, resourceful and easy to work with. I am very fortunate to know Jessica and highly recommend her as a career coach.

Eugene K.

Fine Artist, Independent

Jessica is an incredible career coach. She consistently goes out of her way to help people. No matter how big or small a task she’s faced with, she always does the task plus more. Jessica has helped me so much in my career. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I appreciate Jessica for everything she’s done for me and I’m looking forward to our continued work together. She is one amazing woman!

Heather H.

Social Media Specialist, Independent

Jessica Joy’s name truly expresses what it is like to know and work with her. She is a “joy”–always bubbly with a positive perspective. Jessica makes sure clients know that she cares and is personally invested in their career success. I absolutely love working with her.

Andrea C.

Audiobook Producer, Independent