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Are You Stumped When it Comes to Social Media?

Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Whether you’ve gone through business school or not, there is no universal social media training that is current, relevant and accessible. Until now.

J Squared University presents: Rising Star Social Media Training & Certification.

Easily learn the tools and skills you need to create social media content for your business in as little as 12 weeks—and have fun doing it! Plus pay LESS than the cost of most college courses or other certificate programs.

Our comprehensive and interactive training and certification program 🎓 takes you through every aspect of social media management, AND you’ll walk away with real world skills that you can immediately apply to your business!

💰 Understand the social media marketing landscape

💰 Build or enhance professional social media marketing skills with the support of an experienced instructor

💰 Test and analyze social media marketing campaigns that YOU create

💰 Become proficient in all social media marketing platforms

💰 Cultivate engagement and new followers as you build brand awareness

💰 Break through your income ceiling by driving ROI with your new skills

You can DO THIS! Social media marketing is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to promote your business.

Don’t wait until your competition steals the spotlight. Start learning and applying your skills NOW!

Learn more at >> www.bit.ly/RisingStarSocial


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