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Who We Are

J Squared Communications is a full-service digital marketing and communications agency specializing in content development, SEO, sales, and public relations.

We serve women-owned established businesses and larger corporations, producing top tier content designed to extend your reach, accelerate sales and scale your company on a massive level.


We produce high quality SEO optimized blogs, sales copy, web content, ebooks, white papers and email sequences that convert


We use the ADDIE model and an andragogical approach to instructional design, curriculum development, and LMS platforms


We strategically wrap SEO into our marketing and advertising content as well as into our elegant websites


We represent business development, networking and sourcing new contacts on clients’ behalf to help close the deal

Public Relations

We develop media kits and press releases, and provide media distribution and representation across digital and traditional outlets


We custom design, develop and maintain websites specifically focused on growing your business based on your conversion goals

Social Media

We offer innovative social media strategy, and seamlessly schedule, post, and measure the success of your content

Speaking Engagements, Endorsements & Awards

Our Writing Philosophy

Revise, refine, edit, fine-tune, adjust, tweak… It’s what we do from sun-up to sun-down and during the wee hours too. Because we believe that words matter. Character counts. We believe in the craftsmanship of arranging words on a page. We believe that flawless copy, strong editing, sharply tuned language, and perfectly executed voice and tone are the power behind your brand. And when the right words come together, we believe it’s magic.

Our Approach

Full service means we have a solution for all your needs, but approach our work with the detailed, personal touch of a boutique agency.

We produce results. Our comprehensive, integrated approach to marketing sets us apart, helping to cultivate brand awareness, extend your reach and impact conversions.


Average Increase of Engagement


Client Satisfaction

Signature Process

Everything we do, we teach. We work closely with you to ensure that you always understand what’s going on in your business–and together we make data driven decisions about where to focus your time, budget and efforts.

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Industry Leaders

Our growing team brings enthusiasm and expertise to client projects, with a high level of care not just for the work you do or products you create–but for YOU.

We leverage multi-channel marketing strategies to help you reach and exceed your goals so you can:


  • Surprise and delight your customers
  • Reach more people
  • Create a strong digital footprint
  • Grow and scale your business

Sample Work

We pride ourselves on executing brilliant creative that inspires, engages and converts our clients’ audiences–across all online platforms.

Creative Team

Jessica Reveles


Jessica Joy Reveles is the founder and CEO of J Squared Communications, bringing over 15 years of marketing and communications experience with an emphasis on content development, SEO, sales and public relations. She founded J Squared Communications while working 3 part-time jobs and living in a homeless shelter with her then 7-year-old son.

Driven by an unwavering passion for people, Jessica is solution oriented. She provides clients with the tools, language and skills they need to understand the work she and her team do behind the scenes to move the needle on ROI–because Jessica knows firsthand that knowledge is power. And her commitment to empowering clients is unparalleled. Jessica cares for customers the same way she cares for her family. For her, there is no boundary between business and personal.

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Kelly Loyd

Chief Operations Officer

Kelly is an external COO and business coach. She has advised major corporations including Sony Computer Entertainment America as well as local government, and now brings her expertise to small businesses that struggle with cash flow. Her goal is to see small businesses gain access to the same tools and resources that major corporations enjoy. In her free time Kelly can be found sailing the San Francisco Bay.
Learn more about Kelly at
Cristiana Tudor

Executive Director of Marketing & Communications


Cristiana is a successful financial, wealth and social media coach whose goal is to empower women of any income level to invest wisely using a customized blueprint. As a successful serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor in early stage companies, Cristiana now pays it forward by helping women build lasting wealth through unconventional investment strategies and business coaching. 

Ameenah Aderinto

Marketing Associate


Ameenah leverages her creative writing skills for online content creation including social media, websites, email marketing and more. She brings a background in journalism, and currently studies English and communications at University in Nigeria. In her spare time, you can find Ameenah reading thriller novels or participating in digital marketing communities online.

Michaela Kennedy

Marketing Manager

Michaela brings integrated skills across content development including social media, digital publishing and project management. When she’s not liaising with clients or working with her team, Michaela enjoys singing at open mic nights and volunteering in her community.
Jon Dabach

Web Designer


Jon offers his many years of web design experience and optimization to the team at J Squared. When Jon’s not busy making the internet beautiful he’s enjoying time with his wife and four kids.

Laura Azzalina-Rigali

Chief Financial Officer

Laura is a strategic advisor, external CFO, and coach to startups, fast growing companies, entrepreneurs, and executives. She combines her extensive finance career with her love of people to help small businesses and corporations achieve responsible fiscal growth. Laura serves in part-time and project based CFO roles, and coaches entrepreneurs and CEOs in financial empowerment. 
Learn more about Laura at
Cheryl Penaverde-Llarde

Marketing Associate


Cheryl is a renaissance woman. She brings experience across content creation, marketing/advertising, social media management, SEO and transcription. She has a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and is currently studying for her MBA. Cheryl has worked as an associate producer in television, and as a video marketing specialist in real estate. She enjoys outdoor sports like mountain climbing and sailing.

Abril Florencia

Graphic Designer

Abril specializes in digital design. She started out as a young entrepreneur at just 13 years old, helping her mother with her bakery business by designing the logo, stickers and the entire website. Passionate and creative, what Abril enjoys most about her work is being able to communicate and convey a brand’s story, ideas and values through design. In her free time, Abril is dedicated to singing and dancing.
Pat Leavitt

Content Writer


Pat brings an interdisciplinary background in design, marketing, sales and recruitment with special skills in B2C copywriting and editing. On the weekends you can find Pat deep in the creative process designing functional art pieces.

Penni Echols 


Penni brings extensive experience working with small businesses and start-ups as a certified professional bookkeeper and certified QuickBooks proadvisor. She has helped clients grow from the formation stage to developing business plans, obtaining working capital and debt restructuring. Penni is authorized to represent taxpayers across all tax collection agencies in California.
Learn more about Penni at
Sara Rodriguez-Sanchez

Marketing Associate


Sara defines herself as a proactive entrepreneur who thrives on being part of a diverse team and managing complex projects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and has worked interdepartmentally across purchasing, finance and now her specialty area, marketing. Sara left the corporate world to collaborate with small companies that share her values. She enjoys mountain climbing, travel and personal development.

Vincent LeGrow

Video Editor

Vincent graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College with a bachelor’s degree in communications. He worked in television news for two years then moved to Los Angeles, where he attended The Los Angeles Film School. Vincent has edited short films, music videos and feature length films. He is currently editing scenes for students at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In his free time he plays the guitar and hikes.
Tiffany Bell 

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Tiffany brings a background in entertainment and talent management, and oversees social media campaigns for up-and-coming influencers. When she’s not researching hashtags and promoting clients’ products, Tiffany enjoys dance and the performing arts.

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